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Publication Party

I have been overwhelmed this last week to have three of my stories published on-line. Two of them were even bought - with REAL money! Not Monopoly money, I checked.

The links are on my writing page or you can follow these ones:

It’s exciting that anyone ever wants to read anything I write. It’s exciting that they would want to publish it on their site to share with others. But there’s something incredible about the fact that somebody, somewhere, is excited enough by my story to actually give me money for it.

I won’t be going shopping for a yacht any time soon but I will definitely be purchasing a bottle of bubbly or two. And on the advice of some Scribophile friends I'll also be buying a few eclairs.

I have to give a shout out here to all the lovely scribbers over at If you're a writer wanting to improve, one of the best things you can do is to have your stories read and critiqued by other writers. I've found a wonderful bunch of colleagues and friends on Scribophile that support my writing journey but also provide great critiques and tough love when I need it. I can't recommend the site highly enough.

Now I'm off to sip champagne and plan my next assault on the publishing world.

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