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Lida's Rainbow ~ The Patchwork Raven
(co-authored & published under Ariel Stone)
The Great Garden Heist ~ Audible 
The Order of Things ~ Spaceports and Spidersilk
(co-authored & published under Ariel Stone)
The Choice ~ The Fable Online


Jellybeans & Belly Feathers ~ KBR


The Bright Hunters ~ The Future Fire


The Honey Tree ~ Riding Light 


The Great Garden Heist ~ Ember




Chicken ~ Spaceports and Spidersilk


The Stars of the Garden ~ Spider Road Press

(Eve's Requiem: Anthology) 


The Smell of Honey ~ Gone Lawn


The Simple Life ~ KBR 


Monsters Love Muffins ~ KBR


Pina Coladas ~ Mysterical-E


The Great Garden Heist ~ Spellbound Magazine


Studying Shakespeare ~ Youth Imagination Magazine


The Nanny ~ Fifty Word Stories


Moody Sky & Mermaid Green ~ Nailpolish Stories





Loss of a Trophy ~ Fifty Word Stories


Yellow Brick Road ~ KBR


The Red Shoe ~ Postcard Shorts



NOVELS (works in progress):


Treekeeper is a fantasy Middle Grade novel that follows two children on a quest to save the Misty Realm's dying trees.


When the treekeepers discover their trees are beginning to sicken and die, they decide to send scouts out to assess the damage. Impatient with their lack of speed, Lyssa decides to run away to the Royal City herself to ask for the king's help. Along the way she meets Smudge, a townie who joins her on her quest, though he doesn't truly see the value of the trees she is desperate to save. The book follows Lyssa and Smudge on their journey north.


Will they save the trees or will they be too late?


Daughter is a collaboratively-written fantasy Young Adult novel. It is the first of the Threebloods trilogy.


After Rowan's father is kidnapped by soldiers during a raid, she and her best friend set off on a mission to rescue him. With the deadly Frenzy spreading amongst the villagers, only his healing powers can save them. Along the way they are joined by a reluctant bandit. The three teenagers must learn to trust each other and work together to free the woodsman and defeat the soldiers.


Will their quest be successful or will their differences destroy them?

B L Draper Treekeeper
Composted But Not Forgotten

CBNF is a murder mystery set in a Community Garden


After the unpopular Community Garden president's body is found in the compost pile, two of the gardeners set out to discover who killed her. Will their investigation be successful or will the community members continue to be killed and composted one by one?

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