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Life & Two New Upcoming Publications

Wow, I have been really slack with blogging lately. A combination of dissertation writing for uni, report writing for work and story writing for 'Story-A-Day-In-May' (SADIM) has been kicking me to the curb.

SADIM is just what it sounds like:

" is home to an annual Extreme Writing Challenge: Write a story every day in May."

So far I've done okayish, for my first attempt. A bit like Nanowrimo last year, although I haven't been 100% successful, I've certainly written more than I would have if I'd not taken the challenge. So far I have around 20 or so new pieces of writing - some with potential and some that will never again see the light of day - that I can drag out and work on over the rest of the year. So I consider that a semi-win, with another week or so to go which I hope to keep up with.

The report writing for work is just urgh. Two hundred or so reports to complete, then I'll be free. Free, until I get all my surveys and interviews completed for my research project, and then it will be time to get into my dissertation.

After that, life should be my own again.

In between these bits and pieces I've been doing a six week course with Cat Rambo and eight other people on writing speculative short fiction. This course has been AMAZING and something I heartily recommend to everybody interested in the topic. Last night was the last class and I'm pretty down over that, but at the same time thrilled that our group is going to keep meeting regularly, critting work and encouraging each other to continue writing.

I'm also pretty excited to report two upcoming story publications:

  1. The Smell of Honey will be pubbed by Gone Lawn. This is one of my 3 bee themed stories, initially inspired by Unfettered - discussed here. I'm so pleased this one has found a home as I consider it the weirdest of the three, and assumed it would be the hardest to place.

  2. The Stars of the Garden has been bought by Spider Road Press for their anthology, 'Eve's Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery and Horror'. I love this very short gardening-themed piece, and am stoked that it will be my first print anthology. I love the opportunites that online markets provide but am old-school enough to prefer the feel of paper.

So, that's me up to date. I hope your life is as happily busy and productive as mine has been lately. :)

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