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Mock Covers for the Three Bloods Trilogy

Last year my co-writer and I won a professionally designed website in a competition at Kids' Book Review. It's wonderful when you win anything at all let alone something so useful and timely. Erica and I recently completed the first novel, 'Daughter', in what will be a three book series. We're currently beginning work on the second book in the series, 'Music Maker', so winning a pro website is wonderful timing. However....there is a lot of work involved, even for us!

We have to provide photos, bios, synopses for the books (even those unwritten) and information for the information page. The last element we needed was three mock covers for all the books in the series. The goal of course is to sell the series to a publisher, so ideally the covers will eventually be the real deal rather than something we cooked up to be 'place holders'. Because of that we didn't want to spend a lot of money.

Cue I've dabbled with this site in the past with mixed results. But when you want something simple for not much cash, it's a hard site to beat. I ended up using a designer recommended to me by a self-published author by the name of Jimmy Gibbs. For the price I'm pretty happy with the results.

Thus I give you the three mock covers for the Three Bloods Trilogy:

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