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The Phoenix is risen!

After a long long time asleep in the ashes, I'm alive! so much has happened in the past three years that in some ways I feel like an entirely different person/writer now. However the urge to write and create hasn't changed one little bit so I'm back and ready to resurrect my Middle Grade novel that was started so many years ago, Treekeeper.

For some extra motivation I've signed up in a cabin for CampNaNo, a miniaturised version of the National Write a Novel in a Month challenge. My goal is to finish the last half of the book so the long onerous task of editing can begin. It can be found here if you're keen to reignite your own writing juices:

I'm also being extremely inspired by my Middle Grade group at, another great site from my links page. In a fit of enthusiasm I've added a new page to the site titled 'Adventures'. Eventually I envision that it will contain all sorts of tips, secrets, games, puzzles and various bits & bobs from Treekeeper that will be irresistible to anyone who reads the novel. Of course at the moment it's loading but I can't do TOO much at once or people will think I've gone mad.

Next challenge - keep the enthusiasm going. Hmmm.

For no particular reason, here's my favourite photo of my two very spoiled babies. :)

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